3 Reasons To Always Have A Professional Dig A New Well On Your Property


If you need to do any type of drilling for water such as installing a new well on your property, you need to call a professional to handle this job. It's a common mistake for homeowners to think they can simply dig and brace up their own well, and very often this leads to making the job harder and even more expensive down the road. Consider a few reasons for this, as well as why you should always have a professional company dig a well on your property.

1. A hydrovac may be necessary for very wet soil

Usually a well is dug in very wet soil so that it collects the water from the soil into the well itself. However, trying to actually dig wet soil can be a challenge as the water itself causes the ground to collapse around it, making it difficult to dig a clear hole or trench in the ground.

Many professional companies use what is called a hydrovac, which is a large piece of equipment that actually vacuums the soil rather than simply digs it. This allows the water and moisture to be removed along with the soil, and in turn the dig is much easier as that water won't seep through the area in which you're digging.

2. Rocky soil may require special drills

Just as soil that is too moist may need special equipment to make the digging easier, soil that is too rocky also needs special equipment to be dug. Many homeowners try to chip away at rocky soil or assume they can dig around it, but a professional company will test the soil before digging and typically use diamond-tipped drill bits and other specialized equipment to easily cut through it. This in turn means you won't damage equipment by trying to dig through rock and that the dig will be faster and easier.

3. A dig needs to be properly braced

As with any type of digging, the walls of a well need to be braced up as you dig or the entire site itself may collapse. This is especially true of digging wells in moist soil, as that moisture makes the ground softer. Homeowners often assume they know how to brace up the walls of a dig but each type of soil and the depth of the well requires skill and expertise. Not only is a failure to brace up the walls dangerous but it can mean having to start the dig all over again, making it more time-consuming and expensive overall.

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17 February 2015

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