3 Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Combine Harvester


Combine harvesters are a common fixture in a large number of agricultural farms. Thanks to their multi-purpose nature, combine harvesters are often a pricey investment for a large number of farmers. As such, farmers who intend to invest in their first combine harvester need to ensure that they choose the best harvester for maximum productivity when the harvest season finally kicks in. Discussed in this article are three factors that a farmer should remember before choosing one harvester over the others.

31 May 2016

Submersible Pump Problems: Little or No Water Delivered


Bore pumps are essential for various uses around your farm, including watering livestock and supplying water to your agricultural fields for your irrigation needs, among other purposes. When your farm depends on your well or borehole for water, you have the responsibility to resolve any problems arising in the pumps as well as the entire water system. This means that you have to look for possible signs of problems in your pumps.

20 January 2016